A Cult Is In the Eye of the Detractor

Another Snake Oil Salesman  Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda

Selling religion once again proves a viable business opportunity for the willing capitalist.  In this case, it’s a recovering heroin addict.  Once clean, he probably drew up a business plan centered on selling a product with the addictive feature heroin yet legal the world over.  This line jumped out at me:

A group of Christians protested the event, calling the following a cult.

Do they appreciate the irony?  I’m the first one to admit I’m highly conflicted on my religious beliefs.  But believer or non-believer, I’m convinced one’s faith is meant to be a private affair between the individual and his higher power.  While some argue a world without religion would beget a more peaceful world, I’m convinced a religious/faithful world can be a peaceful world if everyone would keep their private affairs just that, private.  And one’s religion/faith qualifies as a most intimate, private matter.


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