The Beauty of Kids

One of – if not the most wonderful characteristics of children is their candor.  They are unschooled in the art of subtlety for better or worse.

I was reminded of this earlier today.  Finishing my shower, my 2 year old says she has to use the potty.  Not having her “potty reducer” handy, I hop out of the shower and hold her over the seat.  Naked, dripping wet and holding my little princess over the potty for #1, she looks up at me and says, “Daddy, you have gian’ booger in you nose.”

I could barely contain my laughter.  My mind raced through the number of times I’ve been on either the displaying end or visualizing end of an offending piece of food or yes, nose clutter.  For grown ups, this can be an uncomfortable situation.   How refreshing it was to hear my daughter tell it like it is – “yo dad, heads up, you got a booger in your nose.”

As a follow up, upon inspection my offending booger could hardly be characterized as “gian’.”  Nonetheless, I was happy my daughter pointed it out to me.


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