Drew On the Diamond

We had a great day yesterday.  George and Sha spent the day.  The highlight was on the diamond.  Drew and the Lookouts were facing the Aeros.  During Drew’s stint at the hot corner he pulled off two great plays and missed a third by a step or two.

His first gold glove play was on a line drive.  A kid drilled a rope towards third.  Drew flips up his mitt and grabs it for the out.  A real bang-bang play, great to see him into each play enough to glove this one.

The next batter up winds up hitting a pop up over to third base.  Just like we practice, Drew sets up underneath and puts this away.  Two great plays in a row, a rarity in tee ball.

The third batter pops up a foul ball down by third base.  Drew gives chase and gets some leather on it but couldn’t squeeze it shut.  He wasn’t positioned right, he had to reach across his body to give it a stab.  You could hear a collective sigh from the crowd, I think people were really pulling form him to pull off a trifecta in the fields.

It was great seeing him operate out in the field.  He, along with the team, has come a long way this season.  I know he’s really enjoying baseball and I’m excited for him to continue to improve in the days ahead.

We finished off the day with a quick swim over at NYSC, and I stayed up late to watch ARod knock a dinger top 9 to beat the Red Sox 6-5.  A baseball extravaganza.


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