This Is What It’s All About

I don’t care for the talent shows – Idol etc. – that send over people who are amateurs in name only. On the contrary, the shows are about finding people like this:

Update 6/18/07: These comments accompany on of the many Paul Potts videos. Apparently he wasn’t just some guy singing in the shower. And so it goes…

For all those that seem to think Paul is a pro in disguise, please realise the following.
– Bath Opera is an amateur opera company staging a small number of productions a few times each year.
– Paul has performed in just 4 four productions with this company
– Paul has attended some masterclasses in Italy. These courses are designed for talented amateurs. All of these are paid for by those attending.
– A few masterclasses, even one with the great man do not constitute “a formal opera training” by any stretch of the imagination.
– Professional opera singers earn their living by treading the boards night after night week-in week-out, year after year with professional opera companies.
– Paul, has never earned a single penny from opera performance, other than winning a tv talent show in 1999 – the winnings funding masterclasses.
– Paul has not performed since 2003.
– He is not a professional opera singer pretending to be a mobile phone sales man, but rather he is a mobile phone salesman aspiring to be an opera singer.
– An operatic voice IS a trained voice.


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