Et tu, Brute?

 “Breakingviews is a must read for M&A professionals and market analysts. The time you spend   reading breakingviews is an investment that will provide dividends many times over.”

David Katz, Partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

NY Times Dealbook brings us a piece from Breakingviews.  Editor Rob Cox has some strong words on the recent performance of Marin Lipton.  I wonder how the above testimonial is playing inside the firm?

I didn’t know the inside baseball stuff on the Nardelli fiasco.  But the shareholder meeting mess was as bad as it gets for corporate management.  Even if he wanted to tell the shareholders to shove it, he (and his advisors) had a real tin ear to let things play out the way they did.

Mr. Lipton’s personal performance aside, from all the information I scan coming out of the legal industry, his firm is knocking the cover off the ball.  He and his colleagues are doing something right.


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