Drew Goes Yard

We had a great moment last night. On the heels of running around frantically looking for Drew’s mitt, we arrive at Schleine Field for the Sunday night game. Unlinke Monmouth Court, this complex of fields has fences for every diamond.

Drew steps up to bat in the #3 spot. He’s swinging his new Easton Typhoon. Coach Mike guilted me into buying it because when Drew would get up to bat, he would say, “Here’s the big guy with the little bat.” Truth be told, he was swinging a hand me down from Samantha that was too little for him. After we got home from Dick’s Sporting Goods with the Typhoon, I was worried the bat was too heavy. But it checked out on the in store chart. If it was too heavy we could always keep it for later. I figured he could give a try for a few games.

Back to the game. He missed a few and fouled off few. Coach Larry came out to remind him to swing with his body, not just his arms. What advice. He goes with the next pitch and sends out a shot to right field. The ball carries, carries – is it going to go over the fence?? It lands directly on the chain link fence and bounces over – legit HR! Wow, it was exciting.

Before the game started a few of us were talking about somebody popping one out. The general feeling was it wouldn’t happen. What a thrill. Drew’s teammate Chris, another great hitter, tagged one a few innings later and bounced it off the left field fence.

On the way out to the car, Coach Mike said his 3rd grader played on these fields and there were only a handful of dingers all season. Susan commented that you could really tell these were kids who loved baseball because there was real hitting and fielding. Monday morning Drew got up and Susan was calling him “HRK,” home run king. Awesome!


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