Losing My Religion

The unquestioned life is not worth living – Socrates

This article by LA Times reported William Lobdell really resonated with me.  Among other things, it touches on a few of the areas connected to religious faith that I find troubling.

I just finished watching Deliver Us From Evil last week.  As a father of two sons and a daughter, I couldn’t help but be enraged watching the exchange with the father who’s daughter was molested by a priest.  The priest was a family friend and molested the man’s daughter on more than one occasion in the man’s own home.  Watch as the man says forget the term “molestation,” that sugar coats it.  His daughter, around 6 years old, was raped and sodomized by this monster.

It’s one bad apple you say, don’t let it spoil the bunch.  Then explain the behavior of the church going to unimaginable lengths to avoid rooting out this cancer and instead doing everything in its power to protect and shield these sick, twisted motherfuckers.

I’m crushing keys just thinking about this holy hell.  And this is how the church deals with its innocents, its children.  Not in my world.  Not then, not now, not ever.


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