Acting Not Copying

Just read a blurb about Cate Blanchett getting early Oscar buzz for her portrayal of Bob Dylan.  You read that right, actress portraying Dylan.  The flick isn’t out yet, I’m sure she does a fine job.

But I’m sick of portrayals being widely praised, to the point where the last 3 Oscars for Lead Actor and last 2 Oscars for Lead Actress went to people portraying some historical figure.  Idi Amin, Truman Capote, Ray Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and June Carter Cash.

Give me an Alonzo or Maximus any day.  That’s acting, creating a character out of whole cloth.  I appreciate biographical stuff, but the ultimate form of acting is creating a fantasy.  That’s why we typically see movies, escapism.  So let’s get back to honoring the actors that take us somewhere we’ve never been before.


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