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Please Don’t Believe the Hype

This makes much more sense to me that this.


Global Warming Is A Hoax

I’ve always been in this camp.  Now we have this from John Coleman, a meteorologist and founder of The Weather Channel.  I don’t want to be narrow minded, but I’ve heard enough.  This issue is a dead letter in my book.  Carbon credits, carbon offsets – what a fucking joke.

Far Fetched?

This is haunting.  Is it so far outside the realm of possibility?  Just wondering.  The Cold War seems a quaint memory.

Africa Destined to Fail

If South Africa continues to pursue policies similar to Zimbabwe you can bet the whole of Africa will be set back perhaps another 50-100 years.  Like Zimbabwe, South Africa has a thinly veiled program to confiscate farmland from people who have farmed this land for generations.

As seen in Zimbabwe, this will likely lead to poor land use and resulting famine.  Food shortages are already commonplace in Zimbabwe since land was confiscated and given to political cronies.

Where are all the African American activists denouncing Robert Mugabe and his ilk in Africa?  If they are out there I don’t see or hear them.  Is race so polarizing that people won’t see through the motivations of men like this?  If so, dictatorial regimes like this can rest assured they can operate without an real threat of opposition.

It is a sad time for Africa, an area of the world of such seeming natural beauty despoiled by its own people.

Einstein Understood the Power He Unleashed

“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” -Albert Einstein